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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Session 14: Fania All Stars

Pic: El Nuevo Cojo
Fania All Stars
In the late '70's Johnny Pacheco's label Fania, suffering a disappointing distribution deal with Columbia Records, was coming to the realisation that much of the world was not ready for its 'salsa', (as the generic term for all music Latin).

Having enjoyed a meteoric rise from their roots in '68, in-house band Fania All Stars, fresh from wowing audiences in Puerto Rico, Chicago, Panama and New York, prepared to take the stage for the world-conquering appearance at Kinshasa in Zaire with Stevie Wonder, on the occasion of the Rumble in the Jungle: Ali v. Foreman. Fresh from this illusory victory, Fania entered into the afore-mentioned deal.

Figures didn't add up and ideas didn't gel in this relationship. A crossover album with a core group of All Stars and Steve Winwood resulted in something as bad as it sounds it would be (and, for God's sake, it couldn't have sounded like a good idea even in 1976), and several other projects continued in the same vein, with few highlights. Fania released a crossover swansong from 1979, Havana Jam, a live album featuring those authentic Latin stars Billy Joel, Rita Coolidge, and Kris Kristofferson....

And so at the start of the '80s salsa had run out of steam as a force in popular music, and Fania even slipped in the Latin music scene as merengue and other styles found favour. But nowadays much of the Fania All Stars output comes in for a friendlier reception, and reassessment shows that, hey, some of it wasn't so bad after all.

By way of a for instance, our selection today comes from one of the highlights of Fania's crossover dreams: Coro Miyare from 1978's Spanish Fever... The slow start belies the wild dance treasure within, as 'Coro Miyare' staggers out of a conga morass and subdued chant. Written by Pacheco, this beast of a track gets going after the first minute, with a delicious salsa piano/beat mezcla. Brass drives the groove, and dance floors magically fill up. Halfway point brings us a break, and then zipping into part 2 the cut gets deeper, the music wilder. Enjoy!

King of Bongo esta mucho feliz a presentarte:
Fania All Stars: Coro Miyare (1978) [mp3 | 6:08 mins | 192 kbps | 8.43 MB]
Salsa Caliente de Nu York by Fania All Stars Buy "Salsa Caliente de Nu York" by Fania All Stars from Amazon
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