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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sonic Dragnet #2: BendingCorners

Every month King of Bongo moseys on down to BendingCorners, a cool place to hang out and where the music is groovy, jazzy, and eclectic, to pick up the wicked hour-long mix from the resident DJ. The mix is generally based on a theme - e.g. "Luscious" is a set that 'explores the lush and lovely side of jazz-n-groove,' and "Desert Moments" is a tribute to the 'Burning Man' wackos.

Of ultra-high quality, these sets blend known and some not-so-well known tracks, ranging from artists like Herbie Hancock, Miles, Cecil McBee to high-calibre Scandinavian warblers like Jaga Jazzist. Slip a mix onto your mp3 player, close your eyes, and enjoy an hour-plus of excellent beats and grooves.

Support the guy! BendingCorners is a CRUCIAL website!

One of KoB's favourite mixes is the sublime "Hangin' Onto Summer", created in 2004, where BendingCorners takes you on a journey celebrating that 'Indian Summer' mood. The vista opens with Lonnie Liston Smith, passes through Pharoah Sanders (King of Bongo stalwarts!), and spins into a delicious meld of modern beats and rhythms, perfectly capturing that fleeting summer moment. Lie back and bliss out!

hangin' onto summer [mp3 | 79 mins | 67.5 MB]
Lonnie Liston Smith "Meditations / Love Beams"
Teddy Rok Seven " Feel"
Minus 8 "White"
Paola Fedreghini "Please Don't Leave (The Essential Mix)"
Pharoah Sanders "Pharomba"
Donald Byrd "Places & Spaces"
DJ Spinna "Lansanna's Priestess"
Luke Vibert "Start The Panic"
James Hardway "Velocity Curves"
Yannah "Bagdance"
Les Gammas "Mango Boogie (Solinarium Strings Remix)"
Spinning Wheel "Sunshine In My Soul"
Build An Ark "The Blessing Song"
SK Radicals "Reachin 4 Da Farside"
Faze Action "Samba"
Kabuki "Tempest (AtJazz Mix)"


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