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Friday, April 28, 2006

Session 6: S.O.U.L.

Hey people

Time to move away from jazz for a while, and explore the other sounds and concepts that make up the rhythmic world of King of Bongo.... Today is our first foray into that deep well of sorrow and happiness, that combined repository of true spiritual wisdom and profane sexual lusts. Yep, soul.

At one end of the spectrum is the gospel-tinged ecstatic music of the late fifties, where girls called Sister Waynetta Thorpe belted out songs in voices that belied their pure appearance. At the other, mid-seventies funkmasters engaged in hour-long jams of pure sweat and little lyrical content. And in the middle, some sublime sounds and stirring rhythms created a beautiful mix of the Sacred and Profane....

And what better way to begin our celebration of soul than with an eponymous song from THE eponymous band:
What Is It/Can You Feel It, by S.O.U.L.

S.O.U.L. (Sounds Of Unity and Love) emerged from Cleveland in 1970, and at once it could be seen they were something a bit special. On the track today, "Soul" Lee Lovett here sings a truly sad tale of an elderly rich man who, though well off, feels something is missing from his life. Lee, weeping, tells the old man that what he's missing is "soul", his tearful explanation accompanied by angelic voices spelling out the elusive quality so desperately searched for. But, as Lee says, "you may be old, but you can still have soul."

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A monster track, clocking in at almost 9 minutes, the first half is entirely given up to a funky flute/bass mezcla, underpinned by a skipping drum pattern. As the song kicks into gear, Lee lets loose with mighty exhortations - "Soul, Good God Almighty!" A blistering track, now handily collected into a two-album-one-one-cd. Buy - Good God, buy!

King of Bongo says, you may be old, but YOU can still have soul, by downloading it here...
Soul, by S.O.U.L. [mp3 | 08:53 mins | 192 kbps | 12.2 MB]
File under: Funky Exhortation

[Click on the link and you’ll be taken to yousendit where you can download the track. First come first served people, only 7 days and/or 25 downloads allowed!]


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