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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Session 3: Cabo Verde Dreaming

Funaná is the name of the traditional music of the interior of Santiago, one of the islands that make up the archipelago state of Cape Verde (Cabo Verde), some 450 km off the coast of Senegal. Originally a Portuguese slave trading colony established on the formerly uninhabited islands, Cabo Verde gained independence in 1975.

Only then did Funaná emerge into the world, as it was prohibited along with many other non-Portuguese cultural aspects for many years. The oppression of the transplanted slaves and their descendants reigned for a long, long time.


Cape Verde

As is often the case, oppression leads to a vibrant culture of music and tradition. Life on the islands was hard enough (and still is) due to droughts and lack of arable land. To alleviate the troubles, the Cabo Verdeans created a rich music, uniting various strands of African homeland culture, European melodies and instrumentation and a mixture of Portuguese and Crioule songs.

There are three types of Funaná: a fast style at 150bpm, samba, and a slow beat. This is a regional variation, with tempos rising the deeper into the interior you go.

Which brings us to our selection today - in 2003 King of Bongo was privileged to visit Ilha Sal, one of the 10 islands in Cabo Verde, and named for its history as a salt producer. Flat, sandy, and windswept, the island is home to the Santa Maria Beach Festival, a two-day event that attracts thousands of people to the isle. On the beach, is the restaurant Funaná, where the house band has a residency in its 10th year. For one night, KoB was entranced by the music, and the dancing - if ever KoB is on the lookout for a new wife, he knows where to go to find a girl with universal hips.

So, picking up a CD (not available in shops, fellas):

Gaita'l Funaná was a good way to take a little bit of Cape Verde home.

KoB has two selections for you from this smoking disc: Djon is a two-stage tune, cranking up a typical Funaná wigout, whilst Menina Bonita is a lilting song, guaranteed to drift into your mind and stay a while. Both songs feature the trademark Funaná accordion melodies and will get anyone into a dreamy, beach mood!

For your enjoyment:
Djon [mp3 | 05:15 mins | 192 kbps | 7.39 MB] and
Menina Bonita [mp3 | 06:35 mins | 192 kbps | 9.26 MB]

File under: Sparkling Concertina AfroAtlantic Rhythms
[Click on the link and you’ll be taken to yousendit where you can download the track. First come first served guys, only 7 days and/or 25 downloads allowed!]


Blogger dj earball said...

Hey - Big fun, this. Thanks for the post, and welcome to the blogosphere. Glad to have your company, as for a while there it was feeling a little lonely as one of the only "world music" blogs out there. Keep it up!

DJ Earball

10:24 pm  
Blogger King of Bongo said...

Thanks DJ Earball - I'll check you out!

Keep listening, there's more to come. Any requests gratefully received

King of Bongo

10:27 am  

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