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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Session 1: Dizzy’s indefatigable chops

Hey, King of Bongo is bushed from that major refurbishing job – but now the place looks nice, no?

OK fellas, welcome to the inaugural session of
King of Bongo – the Sound System is buzzing, and KoB is itching to spread love and appreciation of good, under-appreciated music. And music, to King of Bongo, means real, groovy, wild and deep sounds – nothing plastic here!

For our first session, a nod of respect to one of the finest jazz trumpeters ever to grace the planet:
Mr John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie, and his hypnotic ‘Afro’.
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So, first off, a little history: May 24th, 1954 to be precise. The Fine Sound Studio at New York City is filled to bursting with some major talent – some not even discovered yet. In the room: Dizzy Gillespie, young Quincy Jones, Ramon ‘Mongo’ Santamaria, amongst others. At the stand: Chico O’Farrill. In the booth: Mr Norman Granz, egomaniacal and heretical producer. Mercifully absent: Buddy Rich.

After weeks of rehearsal, Dizzy & Co have something special up their sleeves: a four-movement blend of Jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms, entitled after it’s best-known segment, the Manteca Suite. A shock to the system? Let’s just say things were smoking (or some of the guys were…)

Dizzy, calmed down somewhat from the earlier days when he was known to attack a certain Cab Calloway with a knife, was on steaming form. But, although turns such as ‘A Night in Tunisia’ and ‘Caravan’ hit the spot, it’s on the spooky, voodoo-laden themes of ‘Jungla’ that the whole idea comes together. A monster of a cut, opening with a striding conga beat, building to a repeated phrase lifted from ‘Manteca’, but giving it a life all of its own.

Dizzy was to leave the clutches of Granz and forge his own way, but in the mid-fifties, this was as good as it gets.

So, cats and chicks, welcome to King of Bongo, and enjoy:
Jungla! [mp3 | 04:44mins | 192 kbps | 6.7 MB]

[Click on the link and you’ll be taken to yousendit where you can download the track. First come first served guys, only 7 days and/or 25 downloads allowed!]
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