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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

King of Bongo's Sonic Dragnet #1 - Maga Bo

Hey people, what's going on? Hopefully you're groovin' and enjoying the selections here at King of Bongo - the aim is simple: to please, man, just to please.

Right now KoB is going to give you the first in a series of recommendations of crucial sounds you can find on the internet. KoB shouts out to all mp3bloggers out there, and also those DJ's and mixers out there. You're doing a vital and fundamentally righteous job.

And to all you copyright freaks out there - well, KoB believes that these mp3blogs (including home sweet home) act as conduits - we recommend sounds we love, and encouraging others to love the sounds can only be good. If people support the featured artists and buy their music because they heard a cool track or sound on an mp3blog - and ONLY because they heard it - then that enriches the artist AND the listener.

OK, enough polemic - right now KoB is going to give a huge recommendation to a certain Mr Maga Bo. For those of you who don't know....

Maga Bo is a hi-tech DJ based in Rio de Janeiro, and his groove is to weld beats and styles from all over the world. And in this case, that means ALL over the world; a true blend of unclassifiable beats and sounds liven up an already inspiring mix of cutting-edge ragga, dub and breakbeat, plus truly atmospheric samples from street markets in Senegal, pirated tapes, choice vinyl, banglabeat, Hindu chants and smoking Moroccan cuts. It has to be heard to believed, and has barely left KoB's headphones in the last 2 weeks as he's working out in the sweatshop.
Maga Bo
The Inspiring Maga Bo

KoB isn't gonna snatch Maga Bo's bandwidth - his website is easy enough to navigate, and there are some KILLER tracks and mixes. But, in particular, you MUST check out Live Mix from Fez, Morocco, May 30 2005 and his work on the Brazil Network where every month this hardworking soundsmith produces a half hour show of the best of Brazilian music, old and new. Oh, yeah, Maga Bo has just released a twisted mix of found sounds and other madness at Blentwell's Blentcasts.

You just have to check out the tracklist for the Fez gig; 49 tracks squeezed into 1 hour, including Marvin Gaye, Brazilian and mixed rhythms, spliced with pirate tapes and Senegalese madness! Personal favourite - the accordion-backed Portuguese rap (of course!)

Support the man - he's doing CRUCIAL work!

Respect and love
King of Bongo


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